REVIEW Samaritaine

Like the recently reopened Paris grand magasin whose story it tells, this handsome title from US-based publisher Assouline is awash with Art Deco gorgeousness and chic. Laid out like a luxury scrapbook or mood board in hard covers, it’s a playful, lavishly illustrated history that canters from la Samar’s 1870s origins to its heyday, closure and painstaking 21st-century restoration. Old posters, sketches and film stills are interleaved with photos of stunning stucco, ironwork and enamel – and, for our age of high fashion and personal shoppers, upmarket clothes, accessories and food. It comes in English and French editions.

Samaritaine, Harold Cobert (Assouline, 2021, ISBN 9781649800206, 164pp, £70)


This book review was published in the October 2021 issue of France magazine.

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The archive photo at the top of this post appears on the Samaritaine’s website, sans picture credit; I’ve been unable to find one elsewhere.