REVIEW No Touching

In France, thinking is sexy and sex something to think about: take Joséphine, mid-thirties philosophy teacher in a tough lycée. Sick of her job, she starts moonlighting as an exotic dancer, a move that brings money, muscle tone and copious food for thought… Existentialism is alive and well in Ketty Rouf’s debut novel, winner of the Prix du Premier Roman in 2020 and translated here by Tina Kover. It’s caustic, cultured and perhaps more head than heart, packing serious ideas and a serious beef with the education system; the men don’t come out of it well, either.

No Touching (Ketty Rouf, Europa Editions, 2021, ISBN 9781609456917, 172pp, £12.99)


This book review was published in the January 2022 issue of France magazine.

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